Just want to know if i have any risks I should worry about.

Patient: I recently had an encounter with a woman, it was not intercourse but she was using her hands to erect me and she did use a little saliva to lubricate me, do you think I should worry about any risks? I saw no sores and she said she was clean but you never know.

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,If there was only hand job involved and the woman used her saliv a in the process then still there are no chances of contracting a STDs or HIV simply because HIV is not transmitted by saliva but only when there is a direct blood contact through a breach in the continuity of the skin.As there was no intercourse chances of vaginal or penile abrasions are minimal. Also, as there were no active oral lesions in form of sores as is seen in herpes, it is unlikely that hand job practice in this case, can transmit any infections to you. If there has been no reaction or any inflammation in the penile region even after few days, rest assured.I hope i have answered you query in detail,Wishing you safe sexual practices,Regards