Just want to know what I could have along with adhd

Patient: Hi I have been diagnosed with ADHD, I have been put on dexamphetamines and take 8-10 a day as prescribed. The tablets help with a lot of general things like having a conversation with someone and keeping eye contact and not getting distracted anywhere near as much, it helps with me with my anger issues that were never that bad but are now almost none existent when on the medication, work is a lot better since (I am apprentice electriciain) in terms of being told what to do and actually going to do it. My biggest notice is trade school, before being on these tablets I tried but struggled very badly. Now still struggling but concentration is really good and have actually passed several subjects! Before I was diagnosed with ADHD I had been told I had frontal lobe damage to the brain. And as I recall when I was 13 or 14 I vaguely remember being told I may have slight brain damage. I have been concussed 9 times and which 6 of them I had to be rushed to hospital via ambulance. I guess my query is I feel I have maybe another disorder aswell as ADHD. I see my doctor once a week aswell as my psychologist. Thank you