Keep missing school, help?

Patient: I miss school all the time and i dont know why. i get up in the morning and i get ready but then i start looking for reasons why i cant go and then i end up telling my mom im sick or something like that. then after she calls me into school and i know im not going to school that day i start to feel really guilty but relieved. and no im not missing school because im bullied or anything like that. i have friends. so thats not my problem but i dont know what is.

Symptoms: Guilty, anxious, sad

Doctor: Than you for your question. This does not seem like a medical problem but more of a behavioural problem. It is good that you have a great group of friends and are not being bullied. We are sure that your friends would like to see you in school so you can spend time with them while getting an education. It is important to discuss this with your parents or guidance councillor as the more you miss school, it will effect your education and your school officials will need to take action.Thank you for consulting