Keep out bacteria from bladder

Patient: I am 85, male, and I self cath so I can get a better sleep at night. If I could empty my bladder without cathing, I would do that instead. I am getting UTIs and am wondering if there is a way to prevent this. I use, one time use, hydrophillic coated catheters , which have been sterilized. They come all wrapped up in protective coverings you have to peel apart. I always urinate a few seconds before cathing to flush out bacteria in the urethra. I wash my hands with a non-antimicrobial bar of soap. Then my cath kit furnishes me two small envelope packets of proviodine iodine. I open the packets with ungloved hands, fold the iodine soaked gauze pads in half, and rub them in and around my urethral orifice, then I take the catheter (previously peeled open) in my ungloved hand, grasping the part of the catheter which does not enter my body, and ease it into my bladder. No part of me touches the part of the catheter that enters me.Does this sound like I am taking the right steps to keep out any bacteria from entering me?Thank you, Jim