Keeping the baby now

Patient: My girlfriend is 19 weeks pregnant. She has been smoking weed and doing cocaine. . She just decided to keep the baby. Instead of late term abortion. If she stops using drugs now will the baby test for drugs at delivery

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Cocaine and weed belongs to category C drugs in pregnancy acc ording to FDA.Means animals studies have shown few adverse effects on fetus due to these drugs but sufficient human studies are lacking.Cocaine may lead to complications like preterm labor, it may affect the growth and neurological functions of the baby.But prenatally it is difficult to opine whether the particular baby will get affected or not.Completely stopping these drugs can avoid further exposure of the baby.Ultrasound at this gestational age can help to rule out possible anomalies to some extent.Quadruple screening blood test to mother can also help in finding out few anomalies.But neither of these procedures nor clinical examination can ruled out all possible anomalies.Regarding the procedures mentioned please do consult expert in maternal and fetal medicine.Take care.