Keloid scars

Patient: There is a legion near my breast on the right side and I am told it is call Keloid I do not know what that is? I had surgery 2 years ago and now it is back again now the doctors are saying that if they try to remove it again it will just return back. Doctor said it called Keloid I do not know what that meant but will like some explaination.

Doctor: A keloid is a disorganized overgrowth of skin that occurs after some form of injury to the skin. They can occur even aft er minor injury such as piercing one’s ear or scratching an itch too vigorously. They are often very unsightly and a source of discomfort to most patients. Keloids do not affect everyone. Some persons are more likely to develop keloids than others. The cause for this is not certain.Treatment for keloids most often involves surgical removal along with the use os steroid injection to prevent recurrence. Radiotherapy may also be of benefit on treating keloids. Other treatment methods include cryosurgery (involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze the keloid), laser therapy and chemotherapy.