Ketones in urine

Patient: Hello,I recently went to my doctor because I was concerned about my blood sugar. I had been to a clinic a week prior and my fasting blood sugar was 97 which they said was normal. My doctor ran a urinalysis and some blood work even though she didn’t think I would have diabetes. My Hemoglobin A1c was 5.2 and she said I did not have diabetes. However the urinalysis states that I have 2+ ketones and 3+ WBC esterase. Along with other abnormalities that she did not explain. She wants me to see a specialists. I’m still concerned, could I have diabetes?

Symptoms: Headaches, sometimes shakey, hungry after I eat (not all the time), burning stomach, tingling in arms and legs, widespread pains, urinary frequency.

Doctor: It seems that you have urine infection, it need to treated by antibioticsIf you sugar and HbA1c is normal, then there is no need to worry.Ketone in urine may be due to many reasons like – fasting, infection, fever, alcohol, high protein diet etcI advice you to go for urine culture test and start antibioticsTake care