Kidney infection/possible flu?

Patient: I’m having a lower back pain that feels like it is coming from my kidneys, I feel weak as well as having to go to the rest more frequently. small aches around the body. any advice? Urine and stool are normal although having to go more frequent.

Symptoms: Internal pain. lower to mid back, more frequent urination and stool.

Doctor: Hello,If you have pain in the renal area and there is increased frequency of urine even though the urine culture is n ormal, still there are chances that renal or kidney stones is a possibility in your case. It is advised that you may undergo an xray KUB, or an intravenous pyelography investigation to rule out renal calculi .Once diagnosed accordingly it can be planned depending on the size it it can be left alone or have to be removed or can be broken to smaller size by a lithotriptor.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards