Kissing prostitite with tounge

Patient: I have a very strong body, never on anything not sick, and never was in the hospital, and antibiotics enjoying once for 7 years.Can I catch HIV or an STD because of a kiss with tongue with a prostitute? Of course, I will choose the well-groomed, a young person, not the first we meet on the street.I read on the internet that I have nothing to fear, the probability that I will catch HIV is about 2%, (assuming that she has HIV, and I doubt), and no STD is not transmitted by saliva.The worst thing I can catch this flu, or other diseases that are to heal within a few days, but I will choose a girl who is young and will look healthy. So will not coughing, have red eyes, etc.What is your position on this issue? Please, honest feedback.

Symptoms: Im not sick