Knee hurts when I bend it stressfully

Patient: Last June I had an MRI done and found out I had all three bones in my knee bruised and there was nothing torn. My doctor told me to rest it for a few months so it would get better. It was still hurting around October so had an arthroscopic surgery done to check it. My doctor expected it to just be torn fibers(don’t remember the exact name of what they were) that don’t show up on the MRI. It turned out he was right and he said it was really minor so my knee should stop hurting. I went to physical therapy to recover and was told it was normal for my knee to hurt while it is recovering. It has been about 2 months since then and still have the same pain. My knee doesn’t hurt when run or lift, or bend relaxed. When I bend stress-fully it hurts inside my knee. Is this a normal pain for surgery recovery or could my bones still be bruised?