Knee injury

Patient: Hi i fell onto my knee on a concrete floor, no bruising but a week later still too tender to touch and unbearable to kneel in any way. Am trying ice now but any idea what the injury is please?


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Guest: Hello,
Although I am not a doctor I Can answer your question. Last year I injured my knee very badly while doing an activity. Since then I have re injured my knee multiple ways. And one way we both have in common. The fall you took could have resulted in inner bruising of the knee which sometimes causes swelling, pain, or fluid in the knee. You may want to keep off of it for a while. Either bed rest or maybe get a wheel chair or crutches you don’t want to over work your knee. Also go to the doctor if the pain starts getting severe like you feel like something is ripping or popping. Take over the counter medication like advil, Tylenol, Alieve etc. or prescribed medication (FROM DOCTOR) Hope this helps! Feel better