Knee injury on concrete knee has fever and swelling

Patient: I fell on concrete 5days ago on my knee located on the side my heart is on. it still has abrasions and is real warm to touch. it is still swelled.

Symptoms: Abrasions and is real warm to touch. it is still swelled

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.Knee injury could be a vast category to dicuss. This could be either a patella r fracture/dislocation/ tendon tears/ etc. I recommend a visit to the physician since you have a swelling and fever. Seek treatment immediately if you see any of the following signs after a knee injury:1. Hearing a popping noise2. Sever pain and restriction in movement of the knee3. Swelling at the injury site.Treatment started with rest, ice, compression and elevation. Physician may prescribe you NSAIDs, physical therapy and immobilization. If there is a need for surgical treatment he would guide you through it. Hope this information was useful.