Knee keeps giving out and hurts

Patient: My knee keeps giving out and it hurts and I don’t know why I’ll just be walking to class and it will give out my doctor said I have tendinitis in my left knee but he just poked it please help

Symptoms: Knee giving out. Shots of pain

Doctor: Hello,Thank you posting your query on ATD.In a person your age, tendonitis is very common, and it could be the rea son you are experiencing pain.For this, you will have to see a doctor to examine your knees.Doctor may suggest MRI of the joint to assess whether there are any torn ligaments, tear in meniscus, inflammation of tendons or the development of arthritis.heat therapy may help you.The more exercise the knee joint, the more you will be able to prevent pain.You may use a knee brace while walking.Hope this is helpful!