August 15, 2018

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Knee MRI results after twisting three months ago

Patient: I had an MRI on my knee. I twisted my knee carrying furniture down a stairs 3 months ago. The MRI impression stated: MILD PATELLOFEMORAL DEGNERATIVE CHANGE WITH LATERAL SUBUXATION. SMALL JOIN EFFUSION. INTACT MENISCI AND LIGTAMENTOUS STRUCTURES. My family doctors nurse told me it was just mild arthritis and to come back in a few months if the symptoms didnt go away. It this correct, or should I call my doctor himself.



Doctor: According to the MRI report you do not have any ligament or meniscus injury, but you have patellofemoral degenerative ch anges, as known as Patellofemoral Syndrome or Chodromalacia patella. This may produce pain typically is located behind the kneecap and often shows during activities that require knee flexion and forceful contraction of the quadriceps (e.i. during squats, ascending/descending stairs or pendants). .” The causes are diverse: Overuse (repetitive use or activity), overloading, and misuse of the patellofemoral joint. If at some point you have symptoms you may receive PT treatment.



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