Knee MRI that shows intra articular bodies

Patient: An MRI i had done revealed synovitis of the posterior knee compartment with several small intra-articular bodies seated atop of the posterior medial femoral condyle. What are my options for treatment –

Doctor: The results of your MRI: synovitis and intra articular bodies are compatible, possibly with  Degenerative Menisci tear ears that often manifest with recurrent effusions due to synovitis. The menisci are C-shaped wedges of fibro cartilage located between the tibia and femur, and very close related to knee ligaments and attached also to the joint capsule. They are susceptible to get injured with leg rotation movements or rotational forces applied to them,  the lesion produced can be partial or complete tear, and the pieces become intra articular bodies that may produce locking or buckling with joint extension, because they may get trapped within the joint, then extension may feel limited against a rubbery resistance. Joint inflammation, effusion (synovitis) or capsular involvement also maybe present. A more reliable indicator of meniscus lesion is a click or snaps after the joint unlocks, it can be or not associated with pain. If this locking or buckling interfere with the normal movements of the joint , I recommend an evaluation by an Orthopedic surgeon or sports medicine specialist to consider the surgical removal of the fragments.