Knee pain after meniscus surgery six days ago

Patient: I just had torn meniscus surgery 6 days ago. they shaved off the torn piece. i was doing great and by day 3 i was off my pain pills and walking without much pain at all. i’m stationed in kuwait, so my medical department immediately wanted me on day 3 to walk to cafeteria (.5 miles there)and back. then on the next day walk to work (.5 miles there) and back and also to cafeteria for 3 meals. they said walking was great for the knee. well now on day 6 my knee is killing me. i went back on vicaden and motrin 800mg and still in pain. did i do to much? i think so, but i don’t have much of a say out here. i go to doctor on wednesday to get stitches out. my medical wants me to stop taking vicaden. How much pain is too much? What should i be doing? thank you for your help.

Doctor: Your surgery is extremely recent and is not uncommon to have pain when you start to walk again, you may need physical th erapy and rehabilitation time to control pain and inflammation also strengthening the surrounding muscles and this will help the healing process, which may take several weeks. I strongly recommend that you get an evaluation by a physiatrist and work together on a good rehabilitation program for your knee.