Knee pain due to a fall that broke my ankle severely

Patient: I severely broke my ankle back in August. I had surgery and had to have a steel plate and 11 screws put in. A couple of weeks after the surgery I noticed my knee was hurting really bad and it looked like it was starting to turn inward as well as my foot turning outward. I injured it in a fall. My knee went under me but I didn’t notice any symptoms until my ankle pain was less. Now that I am beginning to walk on my crutches I have noticed a lot more pain and my knee almost looks deformed. I have tried telling my dr about it but he won’t even look at it. What do you suggest? And thank you.

Symptoms: Pain, difficulty walking, and swelling

Doctor: Hello, Welcome to Ask The Doctor.You might have got knee ligament injury. Ligament involved can be Anterior or Posteri or cruciate ligament.I would advise you to get MRI Knee done.If ligament injury is found on MRI, you will require arthoscopic repair of the ligament.Till then apply diclofenac gel locally and do hot fomentation of the knee joint.If you have any further query, please ask me.Stay Healthy.