Knee pain due to soccer

Patient: Hello doctor, i used to play soccer very often due to the frequency of game, i think i hurt my knee, i have slight pain in my inner knee while i walk

Symptoms: Knee pain

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The location of this knee pain may be due to the fact that you have sustained an injury to the medial collateral ligament. This is one of the ligaments that stabilizes the knee joint. This is a very common injury sustained by athletes involved in a lot of running. The severity of an MCL injury can range from complete rupture which requires surgical repair, or a simple strain which requires time away from active play and physiotherapy. We recommend that you have your knee examined by your doctor and have a diagnostic MRI performed. It would be wise to avoid strenuous activity while undergoing evaluation of your knee pain. Furthermore, while you await evaluation, please apply ice to the affected area to reduce any swelling and inflammation.Thank you for consulting