Knee pain during running

Patient: HelloMy name is ramez, I’m a runner and i get knee pain, I’ve been running for one year and everything is fine, my legs are strong and train the muscles and everything, but the last month I had a pain like tingling on the outside and i ignored it. and now I only get pain when running only.can i run the marathon if it’s possible? please help

Symptoms: I have pain only after running 2 kilometers of running , it’s starts with a sharp pain on the outside of my knee and goes around my whole knee and sometimes I feel tingling pain down my leg , when i slow down it decreases, and I don’t have and swelling and doesn’t hurt when touching.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.It seems that you have ITBS. ITBS stands for Iliotibial band syndrome. The iliotibial ba nd is a very dense fibrous band that is under high pressure. The high pressure will prevent the flow of blood into the IT band.When you have ITBS for a long time, you can get necrosis of death of some cells in the IT band. The death will cause inflammation and later fibrosis or tightening of the IT band.To remove this, you need to use stretching and massage of the IT band to get rid of this. You can find all this info on many video sharing sites and many blogs.If the pain does not go away, please see a Doctor. I hope this helps you.All the best.