Knee pain from soccer jump

Patient: Dear Sir or Madam,Hey, how are you. I have a question about my right knee. Yesterday I was playing soccer and whilst playing I made a jump while rotating clockwise. As I landed I was still rotating I landed straight up with a bit of bending to my knees to absorb the force and also a bit of twist that I couldn’t stop. However as I started straightening my knees again I felt some sharp pain that comes with straightening my knees. I ignored it due to the fact that it was an important match and continued a fierce match for another hour and a half, but while playing the pain started increasing in a gruesome pace. After that I took a 20 minute break then started the long walk home. Since then I can’t straighten my knees, if I try I would get the most tremendous pain ever, so much pain that some activities have to be done while sitting which are normally done while standing. And if I unconsciously even out the load between my two knees, it just won’t take it and fails me and just bends again. Doctor please advise.Thank you for your precious time,Mohammed Kotb El-Dakmawy,Cairo, Egypt