Knee pain help plz

Patient: So last year in December I fell off my longboard on the blacktop directly on my knee couldn’t walk on it for almost a month I thought I had felt a crack in my knee cap so I went to urgent care and they took an X-ray but they said that nothing is wrong the pain will go away soon and u will be back to normal but the pain is getting worst I can’t even walk around the block it hurts so much I have to wear a wrap around my knee and an expensive knee brace on my knee so it won’t let out on me and it just keeps getting worst every time I walk a lot I can’t do any o the things I love because I have to sit on the sidelines crying because it hurts so much and I have been able to handle a lot of pain all my life but this is a much greater pain I don’t know what it could be I need some ideas and some ideas to help the pain go away because nothing will help not even pain medicine

Symptoms: Screaming pain

Knee pain help plz-1