Knee Pain, MRI and X-Rays were clear.

Patient: Female. Age 17. 145 lbs. I have a hurt knee because I crashed my bike back in the beginning of July and landed on it before I went rolling. The knee was bruised until about 1 week ago. Pain started with randomized sharp pains, then at around the beginning of September, the pain became constant, and is still constant. It hurts to bend the knee all the way and sometimes hurts to straighten. When I stand on it, it hurts really bad, but when I stand on it without wrapping it, it sometimes gives. Also when I am sitting with my leg slightly elevated, everything below my knee, especially my foot, foes numb and gets tingly. I went to an orthopedic specialist and got a couple of x-rays and an MRI. The results came back normal, but my doctor had me using crutches until I got the MRI results. It still hurts, obviously, but I don’t know what to do about it now, especially since my mom thinks that I’m being a baby about it.

Symptoms: Right knee: Pain on inside of one when standing. Pain on outside of knee when pressing against knee to find hurt spots. Bruise was on inside of knee. Pain all over when bending. Slight pain on inside of knee when leg goes numb.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Pain on the inside of the knee could possible be indicative of an injury to the anterior cr uciate ligament (ACL). ACL injuries can occur during blunt force trauma to the knee leading to your knee pain. The ACL could be completely torn or injured and this would best be visualized on the MRI report. It is important to you refrain from strenuous physical activity while awaiting these results and make sure you are taking weight off the knee by using crutches. Once the results of the MRI are available your doctor will have a better idea of the injury you sustained. Please apply ice to the affected area to reduce the swelling along with taking oral analgesic medication if you choose to do so.Thank you for consulting