Knee Pain Relieved by Clicking

Patient: Hi for about 10 years i have have had a problem with my left knee. if i sit for a long time ie at a cinema or just at home it starts getting very hot and throbs and the only way to relieve the pain is by clicking..cracking the joint in my comes and goes randomly so i can never predict when its going to flare up, sometimes it affects my walking but not all the time.ive never had any type of injury so thats why i am confused to what it might be. i hope you can help thank you.

Doctor: The knee is actually the largest and the most complex joint in the body because it involves all kinds of movement. It is also a weight bearing joint. Knee injuries can range from mild to severe. However, if left untreated, irreversible changes can occur which might need surgery eventually. From what you described, I am not sure if there is a reversible dislocation of the joint (since you mentioned it is relieved by clicking) or a tear in one of the ligaments. It is alarming that you mentioned it gets hot when bent; this may mean that the injury is causing compromise of the blood supply to your knee. The only way to determine the cause of these signs and symptoms is through physical exam by a doctor (preferably an Orthopedic Surgeon). I hope this helps.