Knee pain that gradually travels to my hips and lower back and to my feet

Patient: Knee pain that gradually travels to my hips and lower back and to my feet.

Symptoms: Pins and needles sensation throughout my whole leg both sides, knee pain, difficult walking after sitting with legs crossed or even out straight, weakness in legs, dizziness, dead legs at night, throbbing pain in whole leg, hip cramps/or locking/ or jarring, lower back pain.

Doctor: Hello, severe knee pain because of any infection will infect its surrounding structures . So, if muscles which start fr om hip and end in knee get infected then there would be pain like how you described , but that will definitely be associated with fever. Other condition could be one , where calcium deficiency leads to loss of bone thickness in knee joint which also presents with symptoms as you said , and this deficiency can be because of excess usage of knee joint and not taking necessary calcium and vitamin D. Or it ca be just because of normal generalised weakness which can be cured by taking multivitamin tablets for 15 days.and then continuing taking healthy diet later on to prevent the recurrence . So, if had any recent hit on your knee or if your knee joint AP, and lateral view x-Ray is not normal then meet an Ortho paedician .Take care .

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Guest: Oh my god! This happens to me too. Last year I stretched a ligament which caused my patella to dislocate and ever since I have had traveling pain. It feels like something is being ripped out and tide into knots. Please comment on my stuff giving advice. What I have done is ice all over my leg, knee brace, medicine and go to the doctor if it gets serious.