August 15, 2018

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Knee Pain, Tingling foot, Ice Cold Foot :Possible vascular problem

Patient: First off, I have a history of multiple sprains and injuries to my left knee. March 10, I was on my feet and crouching down constantly. After quite some time of this, my knee popped and I started limping from then on. By midnight, I was in severe pain. On March 11, I would cry if I had to move my leg due to pain. I have been limping all day. After sitting with my legs crossed at some point, my foot started tingling after I straightened my leg out, and my left foot was ice cold. After having it straight now for over an hour, my knee is throbbing, my foot is still cold and tingling. What should I do? Should I get it checked out as soon as possible or hold off?



Doctor: If you are a smoker and/or diabetic, then, PAD (peripheral artery disease) definitely must be rule out. On the other han d, it is important rule out knee issues as for example meniscus problems, patella femoral syndrome and neurological causes of your symptoms due to a lumbar nerve compression. Your doctor may recommend ways that you can reduce your risk factors for atherosclerosis and peripheral vascular disease. Not all risk factors can be changed, but most can be reduced. Also he will order the imaging studies (MRI) to rule out a possible nerve compression in the spine and/or knee problems.



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