Knee pain when bending and extending themn bending and extending

Patient: Both if my knees hurt. It started with my left knee, which hurt at just over the top left of my kneecap (from my perspective) and hurts when I extend then flex my quadriceps. I went to the doctor, so they said it was normal wear and tear. I took naproxen they gave me, and wore a knee brace for the past 3 weeks now. Now my right knee hurts, when I bend it completely, it feels in between the back of my knee and my kneecap. It doesn’t hurt so terrible, but there is painless popping when I bend it sometimes. Again, no severe pain. When turning or pulling my knee. Only when it is bent, and when I stand and fully extend them. This goes for both knees now. Should I take glucosamine, which I stopped taking a long with my naproxen? Also, I’ve been doing football drills, requiring sudden change in direction and a lot of sprinting. I’ve also been trying to do leg extensions and wall sits to strengthen my knees. I have already tried icing and elevating, only twice though. It helped only a little. Please answer in full detail! I’m a very concerned. I have lacrosse season in 2 months which requires much running. I want to be able to do that.

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