Knee pain without any inflammation

Patient: Hi, i would like to know if u can help me or tell me what can i do for my knee pain, the pain started like two months almost 3 months ago, like 6 months ago i wanted to star a healthy life so all of a sudden i started to run without gettin my muscles warm but then i stop running and there was no pain but later on the pain started, i dont think is that bad because there is no inflammation is just the pain when i walk, or bend my knee, but is getting worse cause now it hurts even when im sitting or laying on my bed and now there is some pain on my pelvis too, on my ignorance ive been using a knee brace, and pain heat patches, but i dont think is getting better, i didnt fell or hit my knee, thats why im askin you to see if you can help me ,what do you recommend?? do some any knee excersice?? if so which ones?? or keep using the brace?? take a lot of rest ?? please help me !!! thanks in advance ….