August 15, 2018

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Knee Pain, Wondering about exercise bike.

Patient: Hi. I injured my knee back in 2007. While walking home from work, uphill. Since then I have had ALOT of pain, in and around the knee cap. It has at times locked up. it does not fully bend or function like it should. It is unstable, shaky. Unable to balance or shift full weight to it. About 2.5 years ago I had MRI preformed the MRI showed alot of water, and swelling in the knee, and a mild shallowing of the knee cap according to that doc. I used to walk or ride a bike everywhere. I have since gained 150 lbs. I am unable to do those activities, I have become quiet sedentary because of the knee pain, it hurts all the time and never goes away. I am wanting to know would an exercise bike, help with the knee or make it worse ? Due to having limited funds I have been unable to see a knee specialist regularly.



Symptoms: Throbbing Constant Knee Pain, limited knee mobility unable to fully extend/bend knee. unable to balance on that leg due to knee stability. Knee pops/locks up sometimes, but not often.





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