Knee paining during playing.

Patient: Hi.. 5 year back (2007-2008) i got serious fracture in my right leg between knee and foot. Thankfully it was operated only with plaster and rest, without any operation. It took 1 year to get rid of plaster. And almost 2 year (in 2009) to consider myself perfectly fine. I starts running smoothly. But now few days back after the fracture i played cricket. First day i was playing fine. Second day also. But from third day pain starts in my right leg knee and also at point where i got fracture. The pain is more in knee, there is not much pain in the point of fracture. It is the 7th day today and my knee is still paining. It pains severely when i run. During walk the pain is 5%. Now just like to know the precaution i should take, medicine or diet i should take. And main concern, will i going to face any difficulty in future. If yes what is the solution…

Symptoms: pain while running