Knee pains

Patient: When injuring a knee , is it possible for you to re injure it ? Also , I want to know why everytime I extend my knee it starts to pop.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is certainly possible to re-injure a previously injured knee joint. If it is has not he aled adequately, it becomes prone to re-injury. This becomes especially evident if you have torn a ligament in the knee such as the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) or MCL (medial cruciate ligament). We recommend that you exercise caution in your daily activity to prevent re-injury especially when playing sports or exercising.Popping of the joints is a common phenomenon and is often fairly benign and is not something to be concerned with. The cause of this is not fully identified but the medical community has some theories as to why this happens. One theory is that when articulating joints are moving, the repositioning of the bones results in a cracking or ‘popping’ sound. A second theory is that this sound may be caused by the movements of ligaments or tendons moving as the joint articulates. Lastly, this sound is believed to be caused by the rapid movement of synovial fluid (the the fluid that protects and lubricates joints), in and out of the joint as it moves. Whatever may be the cause, this should not be something to worry about.Thank you for choosing