August 16, 2018

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Knee: Stabbing pains, but no bruising, swelling or redness

Patient: Since August, both my knees have been very painful. Prior to August, I was doing 25 mins of jumping jacks a day plus power walking, so I guess I must have over exerted them, although there was no bruising, swelling or rednessSince August, I have only been doing very gentle walking (2 x 20 mins, + 1 x 10 mins) as I read walking is beneficial for knees. At first I was walking outside, but that got too painful so in September I stuck to indoor walking on carpet only.However, in the last two weeks even that has got too painful, so I have just been reseting my knees by elevating them for 2 x 30 mins a day, sleeping with them elevated at night and using ice pack. I still move around, because if you don’t move they will become stiff. But I only walk for 2 minutes to 4 minutes before having a rest.Now, however, I have a stabbing pain in the front of both knee caps. It’s really painful and sore, but there is no bruising, swelling or redness.I’ve got an appointment to see the specialist, but it’s two weeks away.In a 7 days time, I’ve got to travel to the city via train for the office Xmas party, which starts in one venue and then moves to another. Do you think it’s worth going, or should I leave it? I don’t want to make my knees worse.



Symptoms: Knee Pain, no swelling or bruising, stabbing pain in knee





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