Knee Swelling with Normal MRI in Air Force

Patient: I recented recovered from what I think was H1N1 virus, and now I have severe swelling in my right knee. I cannot bend it, straighten it completely, and can’t bear weight on it. I also have elevated platelets. Could all this be related to the H1N1 virus. I’ve had a MRI which confirms no knee trama. What can I do to recover. I am in Turkey on an AF base and no one seems to know what it causing the inflamation. thanks for any help. I also have a 22yr hx of ulcerative colitis.

Doctor: Thank you for your questions and I am glad to hear you have recovered from H1N1.To the best of our knowledge, there IS NO connection between the H1N1 virus (or any flu virus) and knee swelling.Also, there IS NO connection between elevated platelets and knee swelling that I am aware ofLastly, to the best of our knowledge, there IS a connection between knee arthritis and ulcerative colitis but severe swelling is usually not a symptom.  In either case, it is good to make sure your ulcerative colitis is under control.It is reassuring the MRI is normal as it is a very good diagnostic test for knee soft tissue injuries.  If the MRI is normal and you still have swelling, speak to your doctor if anti inflammatories will help speed up recovery.  The anti-inflammatories have to be balanced with the knowledge they may make your ulcerative collitis worse.