L5-S1 please help understand results.

Patient: What does this mean from recent MRIHISTORY **:History of L5-S1 laminectomy with left-sided weakness, nowpresents with one month of radicular pain** FINDINGS **:Technique: Standard MRI lumbar spine protocol.The conus medullaris appears normal the L1-L2 levelNormal lumbar lordosis is present.No significant marrow signal abnormality otherwise.L1-2: NormalL2-L3: NormalL3-4: The intervertebral disc is normal in contour. There is mildligamentum flavum hypertrophy and facet arthropathy. The spinalcanal and neural foramina are patent.L4-5: Intervertebral disc is normal in contour. There is mildposterior ligamentum flavum hypertrophy and facet arthropathy. Thespinal canal and neural foramina are patent.L5-S1: There is decreased signal and height in the intervertebraldisc. There is also a left posterior paracentral and lateral discprotrusion scar tissue measuring 5 mm in AP diameter and 16 mm intransverse diameter. This protrusion extends into the left lateralrecess and may impinge the transiting left S1 nerve root. Thisprotrusion extends into the inferior aspect of the left neuralforamen, contributing to mild narrowing. The right neural foramenand spinal canal are patent. There are postsurgical changes of alaminectomy at the L5-S1 articulation.** IMPRESSION **:Minimal lumbar spondylosis as described above. The most severechanges are identified at the L5-S1 articulation. Specificallythere is intermediate signal within the left lateral recess, whichmay be secondary to extruded disc material/scar tissue. Thesefindings may impinge the transiting left S1 nerve root.Correlation with the patient’s physical exam and clinical historyis recommended to determine the significance of these findings


Symptoms: Want to know how serious this is. I already have numbness since 1st back surgery in 2006 and now I am getting numbness on right side

Doctor: Hi,Thank you for posting your query on ATD.I have gone through your query and understand your concern. There is di sc protruding at L5S1 level causing pressure changes mainly left side. Right side is relatively unaffected. Other levels are normal. At present treatment of it is rest in lateral position with both hips and knees flexed,analgesic such as ibuprofen are given for pain relief. Mecobalamine reduces numbness.Hope your query get answered.Wishing you a good health.Take care.


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