Labrum Tear Surgery

Patient: I had surgery for my torn Labrum in march 2010. I had surgery on a Wednesday and started PT that Friday. I am pretty much pain free with most movements below shoulder level. Once I get above shoulder level any back, twisting, pushing, pulling gives me sharp pains deep in my shoulder. It also feels like some movements get stuck or just stop. Does anyone have any feedback I am a firefighter and want to hurry up and get back to work. P.S. I injured my shoulder in November 2009 but the doctors did not figure out that it was a torn Labrum until March 2010. Could this have cause more problems?

Doctor: It seems you have developed Shoulder Impingement Syndrome.This condition results in pain and reduced range of motion w hen raising the arm above the head.The diagnosis may be confirmed with a MRI in some cases.The treatment for this condition includes physical therapy and injections into the shoulder joint to relieve the  inflammation. You may also require a surgical intervention if this therapy does not work.Surgery is most often done via arthroscopy and if followed with intensive physical therapy.I do not think the  delay in diagnosing your labrum injury contributed to developing Shoulder Impingement Syndrome. You should try to be patient, recovery from this syndrome may take several months after treatment have started.