Lacerated Lower Lip, Will I Need Surgery?

Patient: First of all I am sorry to put it in that category, didn’t know where else to. And excuse me for my english, I will try to describe this as good as possible. I was kicked in the face yesterday and it damaged my lower lips, they said I didn’t need stiches. It’s like small corn flake size part of lower lip was torn down slighlty (not completely), I decided not to break it off because it could make it difficult to heal and I left it so it would be able to connect with whole lip again I am afraid it won’t regenerate right on its own leaving me with a different shape of lips or a scar. Is there a possibility that this piece of lip became a dead flesh and it can’t be connected with a whole lip again?

Doctor: Our body’s ability to heal is amazing and unless a blood vessel supplying to that particular part of the lip has been co mpromised, there is little chance that the lip will become a dead flesh. If you feel that the damaged lower part is turning black in color or you do not feel any sensations, contact your doctor immediately to see whether the blood supply has been compromised.