Lack of Libido in Women

Patient: I am wondering if you can held me. I am a healthy 23 year old woman and I have been with my Partner now for 6 years. We used to have a healthy sex life but the last few months it has become virtually non-existent. It is getting to a stage where it is starting to cause issues between my partner and me. We seem to live on different time scales as I work nights most days and he is the one who is up to take our 5 year old son to school. We are only having sex once every 4-6 weeks and it is starting to really get me down as, the other areas of out relationship are thriving. I was wondering if there were any under laying medical issues that could cause this but, if not, is there anything I could do to increase my libido? Thanks




Doctor: A persistent lack of sexual desire may indicate a stress in the relationship, fatigue, pregnancy or an underlying illnes s. I would advise lifestyle changes, counselling  and using various sex techniques at first to see if this changes your symptoms. If you still experience a lack of sexual interest certain medicines and investigation into the underlying cause may be helpful. I would suggest that you seek the help of your doctor in case your symptoms persists. Your doctor may perform a pelvic examination and thyroid studies to help determine the cause.

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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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