Lack of secondary sexual characteristics & others.

Patient: Hello.I am male. 22. I have a lack of facial hair. Last year I had my hormones checked by a doctor but the results came normal. I still only have a little moustache nd a small amount of beard on my chin. My voice is thin. My height is only 5’5″.I cannot gain much weight or muscles even though after eating a a lot of food.Sometimes I have a pulsating pain all over my body. I was searching for this on net and and some of my symptoms matched the symptoms of fibromyalgia specially the pulsating pain part.These are my problem. Eagerly seeking answers. Thanks in advance.

Symptoms: Pulsating pain over all body, lack of facial hair and voice thikness, lack of body muscle and cannot gain weight.

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Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history of no or sparse beard and mustache, unable to gain muscl es, weight in spite of good food, thin voice and pulsating pain all over the body. Hormone levels at last year were normal.I would advise you the following:You have to consult the Endocrinologist first, do the investigations again.Second opinion of a Psychologist and / or Psychiatrist just for evaluation and to start some medicines for uplifting the moods, it is possible to have lots of difference.Another factor you have to understand is that, if this is a hereditary following on your side, then the medicines may not be much effective.