Lap Band Problems

Patient: I had my Lap Band surgery on the 1st of Oct. 2011 and have lost over 150 lbs. I have pretty much maintained a weight of 115 lb. However I was laid off my last job and was having trouble finding a new one. That being said, food had become scarce and I had to cut way down on my food intake. So needless to say I have lost more weight. Last month my lap band lost a lot of pressure and 2 days ago it lost even more. I need it to be refilled (this is the 3th time this has happened). My question is, can I get my lap band refilled if I’m currently 90 lbs?Thank you for your help.Ps. I have now since found a new job, and so I should be able to afford food and get back on track XD. But I still want it refilled.Pps. I don’t know if the state I live in will make a difference, but I live in California North San Diego area.