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Laparoscopy, damaged tubes, IVF???

Patient: I recently had a laparoscopy and my OB said the R tube was severely damaged and he removed it. The L side was mildly damaged, the tube is open, but the “fingers” at the end of the tube aren’t there. (It looks like a fist.) I want to know what I should do now in order to conceive. Is there a chance I can get pregnant naturally? IVF? If so do I need to have the L side removed also. Please help I am not sure what I should do now. Also I am going to be 35 next month so I don’t have a long time to wait to see if I can get pregnant naturally. THANKS




Doctor: Damaged tubes can cause miscarriage and damage to a growing embryo. At 35 years of age and because of the R tube being r emoved, your best bet is to go for IVF.


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