Large Spot on Penis Shaft

Patient: I have a large spot on the shaft of my penis, it was small as after squeezing puss out it got bigger and has been a couple of days now, I am 14 and it seems to be a regular spot of that similar to ones I will get on my face, any advice? It has been a few days now.

Symptoms: Large spot on penis

Doctor: Thank you for your question. This spot on your penis could be caused by blocked sebaceous gland forming a comedone (pim ple). This is a benign skin eruption which will resolve on its own. However it can become infected. If you notice that it is not healing, or you experience pain in this area, please see your doctor immediately. Another possible cause of this spot could be due to a wart that caused by a sexually transmitted infection such as human papillomavirus, or herpes. We recommend that you have your doctor examine this to determine the exact cause of it. Your doctor may need to take a sample of this lesion in order to determine the exact cause of this lesion. Please see your doctor.Thank you for consulting