Last month I got the ovidrol shot

Patient: Last month I got the ovidrol shot and after that my period was due on 13 th I tested my pregnancy and it was negative again I checked today on 18th March its negativeDoes ovidrol effects the periods even if I don’t get pregnant what would be the issueplease responsd as this is a bigquestion for me

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Oviderl injection contains human chorioinc gonadotropin, whic h is usually given to induce ovulation.In the absence of pregnancy, it may not generally affect the menstrual cycles.Sometimes urine pregnancy test kit can give accurate result after one week of expected date of periods, so please wait for few more days and repeat urine pregnancy test.If the test gives negative result and if you do not get periods even after one week, please do consult doctor and take tablets induce withdrawal bleeding.Take care