Last month my period was nine days late Then I

Patient: Last month my period was nine days late. Then I had it for two weeks. 5 days later I had a normal period. The Sunday of that period i started a new pack of birth control and had sex on Saturday but the condom broke and I was worried about precum so two days later I took plan b. That ended being on my birth control. I’m really nervous. could I likely be pregnant?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for trusting ATD about your health care. I can understand your concern here.The chances of pregnancy are very less in your case as you had plan b on time and you are on your safe period. Plan B if taken after 24 hrs., it is 85% effective. Your next period may also be delayed due to mess up cause by plan b and birth control pills which can cause hormonal imbalance.So wait for your next period and if it will delayed by 7 days from their expected date, get a home urine pregnancy test done to rule out pregnancy ( as a rule). You are having irregular period, there are so many causes for it like stress, anxiety, birth control pills, hormonal imbalance, fibroid, infection and PCOD.So if you had irregular period for 2-3 cycles, then consult a Gynaecologist for examination and investigation like hormonal profile, ultrasound scan and thyroid profile to rule out the above-mentioned causes.Hope it is useful, feel free to ask more questions.Good luck.Regards