Last night, I swallowed a rather large chicken bone

Patient: Last night, I swallowed a rather large chicken bone (maybe the size of a pinky?). It was to late by the time I realized it and I almost choked on it. Every since then, I’ve gotten the feeling that it was stuck. I’ve been feeling pain like in the middle part of my lower chest. I’ve eaten since but it’s sort of hard to go down. Almost like a lump there and a burning sensation. It seemed to move down this am but I’m still worried. However, I have no insurance and im already embarrassed enough so I don’t wanna go to er if it’s just a scratch. What should I do?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history of swallowing chicken bone of the size of a pinky. Now y ou have a feeling that it is stuck in the middle part of lower chest. It is hard fr the food to go down, feeling of a lump and burning sensation.There is no insurance and does not want to go to the ER is there is just a scratch. Want to know what can be done.My thoughts.Since you have suspicion, feeling and other symptoms, I would recommend you the following:At least get one x-ray of the chest and the abdomen to make sure if there is the bone stuck somewhere.Is the bone is stuck you will have to get this out as soon as possible.I hope this answer helps you to get an appropriate diagnosis and proper treatment.