Last night, I was scrubbing my penis with a washcloth

Patient: Last night, I was scrubbing my penis with a washcloth a bit harder than usual, and noticed a bit of pain upon urinating after the shower as well as a small red line on the shaft. I no longer experience pain when urinating, but my flaccid penis is now much smaller than it usually is (usually about 3 inches, now about 1 with it looking like skin is bunched up; I am circumcised). Never have I seen any blood associated with this, and the skin looks otherwise normal.Should I do something about it, or is it just an effect of friction that will cure itself within a few days or weeks?


Symptoms: Not having erections during the day like usual (although I think I had one soon after waking up); considerably smaller flaccid penis; prior pain during urination (no longer; only once yesterday)

Doctor: HI.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history and concerns.The harsh wiping over the penis might ha ve caused the red line on the shaft as well as mild traumatic urethral problem.The appearance of smaller size of the penis is never significant unless the reactions stop appearing.Your main concern looks to be the far smaller penis in the flaccid position than used to be. As this must have occurred for the first time, you look to be worried so much.This is definitely due to the over-protective role the part plays when felt that there is an injury.This is all related to the psychology and the anxiety that one gets after such incidences and will be fully recovered within a few days.Stop worrying.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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