Last night my right ear all of a sudden went

Patient: Last night my right ear all of a sudden went deaf. There was no pain and I tried doing everything to fix it. I used steam, also warm water,salt water, and olive oil and ear drops. I still can not hear and today my ear is numb and the area around it such as my jaw and skull. Can you help me?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.The most probable reasons for such an incidence like sudden loss of hearing in one ear, without pain and with numbness in and around ear are:Sensorineural deafness due to effect on the nerve supplying that ear.Impaction of the wax without any trauma, and on the top of it, you have instilleI would advise to consult an ENT Surgeon immediately as some diseases are treatable.d olive oil and ear drops.The best way to get the right diagnosis is only by actual examination by an ENT Surgeon, Audiometry and other investigations like MRI if required.