October 24, 2018

Last period 2 early when is next one due?

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Patient: My periods are usually regular, and are usually due around the middle of every month (14-16th of each month). for the first time ever i got my period 2 weeks early (4th of february 2015) last month, i’ve never gotten my period that early before. took a couple pregnancy tests around a week later and they were negative. last time i had unprotected sex was the 14th of feb, and it is now march 2nd and i still havent got my period since the 4th of february. my main question is, if my regular period was interrupted, like it was on the 4th of feb, is my next period meant to be due on the regular date (14-16th of the next month), or is my cycle now changed due to it being interrupted and should i be expecting my periods around the 4th of every month now?! thank you

Symptoms: Sore nipples, cold & flu symptoms, vaginal discharge, stuffy nose, stomach pain, heightened scent, headaches, fatigue

Doctor: Hello, Thanks for the query.As your cycle was disrupted last month with an early period, hence you should be expecti ng your next menses by 4th -6th march as this forms a fresh cycle date now. The symptoms you are experiencing are likely to be PMS symptoms and indicate that your menses shall ensue in next few days. It is suggested that you maintain a menstrual calendar for next 3 months to identify the pattern of bleeding.If you have been using contraception, then pregnancy is not a concern during the cycle.Hope this helps.Regards

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