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Last week after my husband and me had sex, he

Patient: Last week after my husband and me had sex, he has been having pain in his foreskin ever since. It has been a week but pain has not reduced. It pains when he tries to push his skin back. Also, around his skin, little skin has cracked. What should he do?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The cracks around the prepuce skin can develop after rough vagi nal sex due to frictional injuries and they are quite common especially when the intercourse is practiced without adequate vaginal lubrication. These cracks or abrasions are similar to any other abrasion wounds on skin and shall heal naturally slowly within a week unless there has been some discharge or itching accompanied which may then indicate a possible fungal infection.So at present if there is no itching then he may just apply petroleum jelly over the cracks thrice a day and avoid retraction of prepuce as this would freshen the abrasion and then it may be accompanied by fresh inflammation and swelling as well. So he may just apply the jelly and can practice cold compresses for the swelling thrice a day. Leave it for a week and avoid sex completely till they completely heal.If improvement or healing is not witnessed in next 3 days and is accompanied by itching then he should get a swab test done for ruling out fungal infection for which he may have to be placed on antifungals.There is no real cause of worry at present, just avoid pulling the foreskin back again and again and allow it to heal naturally. Keep the local area clean and dry, this shall promote early healing.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards



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Patient: Thank you for your reply.
Itching has been there on and off. And he is facing difficulty in retracting foreskin.
Is the itching something to worry? Does it mean he has fungal infection? What should he put for fungal infection?

Doctor: Well if itching is present then he should first get a swab test done to confirm any fungus. The mild itching may be present because of the ongoing healing process as well, on and off, so its always better to confirm first and then apply any anti fungals if need be.
Petroleum jelly will smoothen the skin and help in reducing itching as well but if it doesn’t then swab test culture should be undertaken.


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