Last year in 2014 before I turned 25 years old

Patient: Last year in 2014 before I turned 25 years old I don’t recall when it happened but it occur before I turned 25 on October 18 .I went to go have lunch with daughter and once we sat down order food and waited I was feeling dizzy and couldn’t control my eyesight the food came and I just remembered staring at it for a moment and loosing my eyesight and feeling noxious and dizziness and thats when it happen we were sitting in a booth I was at the corner of the table the minute I started feeling like I was knocking out I fell on the floor people that were around me said I was shaking doing something with my lips and my eyes were turned the other way ..I believe they said it was less than a minute and next thing I know is making up on the floor still and feeling sweaty and I got up like nothing happened .the last thing I remember is feeling the way I was feeling dint remember falling shaking or doing any that I was doing on the floor they said I had a seizure what do you think?

Doctor: HelloThanks for using “Ask The Doctor” for posting your query.Yes, you are right and you did probably have a seizu re. Solitary seizure episode is not a worry. Better get examined by getting an EEG done which will confirm the seizure focus if there is any. If the EEG comes positive then you will have to take treatment.Do meet your doctor and get the investigations done.Hope this helps.Wish you a good health.