Late 3 day period

Patient: My period was 5-6 days late when I did come on it was lite flow brownish & reddish brownish the most lite cramps it lasted only 3 days normally my periods are very heavy & last 7days cramps unbearable ice been off for 3 days no more bleeding just a lil brownish when i wipe I feel like movement or muscle spasms in stomach in different spots heaviness in lower stomach. No sickness but I did throw up this morning I’ve been sleeping less at night more. During the day I took a home test was negative I see my veins showing more on breast area the have spins ay time could I be pregnant and the test not pick it it up I have 3 kids 3 c sections I’ve been trying get pregnant for years no luck never had a period llate or go off early what could be going on I’m 26 27 next month please help hope

Symptoms: Lite lite cramping heaviness in lower stomach no nausea throwed up once today veins visible on breast pains at time I’m stomach movement or muscle spasms in stomach