Late period, chances of pregnancy

Patient: My wife’s period is late by 17 days so far, I am worried and she’s worried. she doesn’t have any symptons other than the feeling she’s getting her period but then nothing happens. she has been traveling a lot, around 3 business trips in september, her last period started on 29 of august and finished on 4th of sep. she’s out of the country on a business trip now, and don’t have free time to go to and get a pregnancy test so will wait till she comes back so i will be with her. for now, based on your experience:1- what are the chances of her being pregnant?2- what is the best available tool for a pregnancy test there in the market?3- she will arrive from her trip at 5 am, is it fine to take the pregnancy test as soon as she reaches home?your reply will be much appreciated and respected.BR,

Symptoms: Feeling of getting the period but nothing happens